[Koha] New Member and Problem

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Mon Jul 26 20:45:27 NZST 2010

2010/7/26 Graham Taylor <itmanager at cis.edu.ph>:
> Dear All,
> I'm a new member, and having a major problem with Koha.  We have imported
> all our MARC records having converted them from an Excel spreadsheet.  This
> worked, but the Call Number did not show.  So we un-imported the records,
> made some adjustments and tried again.  Now we cannot search by Title for
> any record, as we get the error message "Can't call method "as_usmarc" on an
> undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Search.pm line 2157".
> I've read that this means the records need reindexing.  We just can't figure
> out how to do this . . . .
> Failing this, how can we delete ALL the records and start again?
> Unimporting seems to take about 24 hours, and we just don't have time.
You can rebuild the index by following the instructions here



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