[Koha] New to Koha list; 852/952 marc problem

Greg Barniskis gregb at scls.lib.wi.us
Thu Jul 15 10:39:28 NZST 2010

Hi Bernie,

I'll skip a full explanation of why you'll need to convert 852 fields 
into 952. Let's just say that by using a "user-defined" holdings field, 
Koha can do things that it otherwise couldn't do.

You should be able to quickly and easily batch convert your exported 
data using a tool like MarcEdit. It's free. Get it here:


There is even a tutorial for the kind of conversion you likely need:


Hope that helps,

Greg Barniskis, Computer Systems Integrator
South Central Library System (SCLS)
<gregb at scls.lib.wi.us>, (608) 242-4716

On 7/14/2010 4:29 PM, Bernie Levy wrote:
> My name is Bernie and I am the IT Specialist for a non-profit historical society
> which also has a library.  I am responsible for the library's (and other)
> computers as well as the library software which they use.  This software is
> Surpass which we have used for years.
> For the last couple of years, our city's public library has been kind enough to
> accept full or partial exports of our database which they then have imported
> into their system, making it look like our library is a branch of the public
> library, and displaying our materials in their catalog.  This worked fine until
> the public library switched to using Koha a few months ago.
> Now they are telling me that certain fields, which are all or mostly 852
> sub-fields in our system, have to be 952 sub-fields in their system or otherwise
> they can't successfully import our data.  I do not understand this, especially
> because Surpass support insists that any fields in the 900 range are
> non-standard and are user-defined.
> I have done an appropriate Google search and turned up a number of hits on the
> subject but I don't see how or why I have to massage my data before it can be
> imported into a Koha system.  Thank you.
> Bernie in CT
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