[Koha] New to Koha list; 852/952 marc problem

Bernie Levy bernie-levy at prodigy.net
Thu Jul 15 09:29:50 NZST 2010

My name is Bernie and I am the IT Specialist for a non-profit historical society 
which also has a library.  I am responsible for the library's (and other) 
computers as well as the library software which they use.  This software is 
Surpass which we have used for years.

For the last couple of years, our city's public library has been kind enough to 
accept full or partial exports of our database which they then have imported 
into their system, making it look like our library is a branch of the public 
library, and displaying our materials in their catalog.  This worked fine until 
the public library switched to using Koha a few months ago.

Now they are telling me that certain fields, which are all or mostly 852 
sub-fields in our system, have to be 952 sub-fields in their system or otherwise 
they can't successfully import our data.  I do not understand this, especially 
because Surpass support insists that any fields in the 900 range are 
non-standard and are user-defined.

I have done an appropriate Google search and turned up a number of hits on the 
subject but I don't see how or why I have to massage my data before it can be 
imported into a Koha system.  Thank you.

Bernie in CT
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