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You may find some of my presentation from Code4Lib 2010 to be useful.  I did
the first Millennium to Koha migration (or at least I was the first to claim
credit for it!) when I was at New York University Health Sciences Libraries.

Slides: http://code4lib.org/files/BecomingTrulyInnovative.ppt

Generally speaking, you'll want your bibliographic and authority data out in
MARC, and your patron and circulation information in CSV (exported from
Create Lists in Millennium).  The methods outlined in the presentation are a
bit roundabout, as we were in a particularly difficult situation at the time
and could not use more standard export methods (like Data Exchange), but
they work, and serve to outline the process.

Hope this helps!


2010/7/13 pranav garg <pranav.garg007 at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I am a part of the group who are currently evaluating migration from
> Millennium to Koha and was wondering if there is a case study which has been
> done which outlines how has the experience been, common pitfalls or some
> other useful information which can help us in getting to speed in doing a
> test evaluation?
> If there are any useful links or information you can point out from
> migrating from Millennium to Koha that would be helpful too with respect to
> in which format the data should be exported from Millennium, what format is
> accepted by Koha, how the transformation mapping done.
> Thanks and Looking forward to hear from you all.
> Regards,
> Pranav
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