[Koha] passwords

Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger at foundations.edu
Thu Jul 15 04:57:37 NZST 2010

2010/7/14 Scott Owen <sowen at edzone.net>:
> If the password are still just MD5 hashed (I'm still using 2.2.9 on
> windows..so I have little info on current versions)...., last time I did
> this, I had to do a bulk MD5 hash on my patron passwords , then bulk import
> patron data from a CSV (with the hashed passwords) via MySQL rather than use
> the built in tools.
> Worked fine.

This is what I was remembering earlier. If the passwords are already
in md5 hashes, you cannot load them via the buik upload tool. Such a
feature could be added rather simply, though.

Kind Regards,

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