[Koha] Query About Marc Records

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Jul 13 20:30:25 NZST 2010

* Rick Welykochy (rick at praxis.com.au) wrote:
> rohitsingh wrote:
> > how we can create MARC records for books that do not have Library of
> > Congress Data?
> Programmatically, you can create MARC records from your own data
> using the MARC::Record module in Perl.
> perldoc MARC::Record
> will be of help.
> > How we should be able to enter the data in to a CSV file and then
> > programaticaly create MARC records for upload in Koha eventually?
> Yes, it should be no problem. Use the Text::CSV_XS module to read in
> the csv data and the MARC::Record module to write out marc records.
> You can then load the marc records that you have created into Koha
> using the bulkmarcimport.pl utility script (in bin/migration_tools/bulkmarcimport.pl)
Robin at catalyst has written a script that takes a CSV file and outputs

Ive cc'd him so he can explain its usage, the branch is here

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