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> What seems clear from this exchange is that PTFS/Liblime believes that
> it is the responsibility of others to integrate their code into Koha
> rather than something that is inherent to the process of working on an
> open source project. If this is the case, then LEK and Harley are not
> trunks. They're forks.

Owen--how is that clear?  When did anyone say that PTFS/LibLime believes
that it is not their responsibility to integrate the code?  I was at the
very same meeting.  LEK is a fork that PTFS inherited, yet I understood from
the meeting that they are committed to contributing it to Koha, difficult as
that may be.

Nothing that they said about Harley led me to believe that they think it is
the community's responsibility to integrate the code.  I believe that there
are several people at PTFS/LibLime who understand the process and they have
already put a lot of work into Koha.

I did take some notes at this meeting.  Unfortunately I do not have access
to them at the moment and they were not very detailed.  I will take a look
at them this weekend and see if there was anything useful that I recorded.

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