[Koha] Koha releases - Clarification/correction

Owen Leonard oleonard at myacpl.org
Sat Jul 3 06:12:05 NZST 2010

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 1:01 PM, Stacy Pober <stacy.pober at manhattan.edu> wrote:
> In the meeting, I asked how long they estimated it would take for the
> official Koha community to integrate the code once it had been
> released.  First one Liblime staffer said two or three years and then
> another one said, 'more like four or five years'.

Very nice. An anonymous Liblime troll takes the opportunity to insult
the Koha community.

Look: Either PTFS/Liblime can integrate the code or not. The Koha
community is not going to undertake any four to five year integration
process. Anything that would take that long to accomplish would be
easier done by starting from scratch.

> Today, someone from Liblime contacted me to explain that the estimate
> of 4 or 5 years as the time for the community to integrate such a
> large amount of code was a "humorous ad lib comment" rather than a
> serious answer to my question

Perhaps someone from Liblime could sign up for the mailing list and
start communicating directly?

What seems clear from this exchange is that PTFS/Liblime believes that
it is the responsibility of others to integrate their code into Koha
rather than something that is inherent to the process of working on an
open source project. If this is the case, then LEK and Harley are not
trunks. They're forks.

  -- Owen

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