[Koha] Error message for records with multiple items

Martin Brenner martinbrenner at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 1 00:56:11 NZST 2010

Actually, I have seen this on two separate installations of 3.04 do this.

If you upgrade to 3.06, everything works fine.


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> We're using Koha 3.0004019 for a few months now and seem not to be
> able to eliminate a problem with holdings display in the OPAC.

Do these records display correctly in the staff client?

Normally you would get a 404 error if the record didn't exist. I've
also seen a 404 error in the OPAC for records which are corrupt for
some reason (sorry I don't know more about it than that).

> An Error has Occurred
> Error 404

Your Koha OPAC error log may contain a more informative error. Do you
have access to it?

 -- Owen

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