[Koha] configs for small scale use

david at lang.hm david at lang.hm
Sun Jan 31 03:06:38 NZDT 2010

Recently the question of how to manage a large personal library (several 
of us have accumulated a few thousand books) came up on a sysadmin mailing 
list, and koha was mentioned as a possibility. In looking through the 
documentation I am seeing that it is a very powerful package, but I am not 
seeing good examples of how to get started for a small library. It's 
almost like the documentation assumes that you will be hiring a consulting 
team (or someone who has worked with it before) to do the initial setup 
and is mostly reference matrial for them to look up the details of a 
specific option. I am missing a 'getting started from scratch' type 

Has anyone put togeather a sample config that could be used for a 
single-location library? it would need to track inventory and do 
checkouts, but not budgeting or inter-library loans.

David Lang

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