[Koha] Making Patron's Card Design

nitesh rijal rijal.it at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 19:16:55 NZDT 2010

Hello all.

I am using KOHA 3.0.3 in Debian Lenny.

I have already generated barcodes for patrons and also the report that
contains patrons' details.

Now the problem is that we need to design sample Patron Cards. We can surely
copy-paste the patron details from the CSV file of reports but hpw do we
copy-paste the barcodes into the cards???

I mean that suppose we have the following fields:

Roll No.:

and also the barcode in the backside of the card......I can easily put in
the details above but how do I place the barcodes in the card????

Is there any specific software that can be used to do this???

Please Help.

Nitesh Rijal
email: rijal.it at gmail.com
url: http://niteshrijal.com.np
facebook: http://facebook.com/openrijal
twitter: http://twitter.com/openrijal
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