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We are new to Koha and subscribed to Koha Express through Liblime (Koha
3.00.02). When I try to create new authorities under "Authorities" and
search for it, I get "no results found." I searched through
documentation and support archived discussions but did not find an


I see this in Koha's manual:


Query authority file when adding/editing a record (during cataloging)

The Bibliographic editor allows queries to the authority file at the
add/edit stage of a record, so that cataloging staff can create the
links between a bibliographic and authority record when they are

 If you wish to provide access to authority records for a given subfield
-- MARC 21's 700a subfield, for instance, to make sure an author's name
is available in an added entry in its approved form -- you will need to
create a subfield "9" for that tag (e.g. tag 700, subfield 9).  This is
done by adding the subfield via the 'Authority types' administration

*	Get there: More > Administration > Authority types 

	*	TIP: Make sure this subfield is managed in the same tab
as the other managed subfields for this tag, and then click the "hidden"
checkbox so it will not be displayed with the rest of the record.

Koha uses subfield 9 to store the link between a bibliographic record
and an authority record.

When the catalogers are adding a record, they will see three dots (...)
after the textbox of the 700a subfield (or any field you have chosen to
add a subfield 9 to). Clicking on these dots will open a pop-up window
allowing the cataloger to search your authority records for a
standardized version of the author's name. If the desired name is found
in your authority records, it can be automatically copied into the 700a
subfield. (If the desired name is not found, the cataloger can enter the
name manually.)

 If I want to create an authority for 100a, does that mean I need to add
a subfield 9 to field 100 in Authority Types?  Can anyone help me?





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