[Koha] Some problems or questions

Owen Leonard oleonard at myacpl.org
Sat Dec 18 04:14:56 NZDT 2010

> - When a patron has 6 in 6 checkouts possibles and the staff tries to
> checkout another item to the patron there is a prompt to say that the
> patron has already 6 checkouts. In that prompt the staff can checkout
> the item. There is some option to block the staff to checkout anymore
> items to that patron?

No. This would would be a nice addition to granular permissions.

> - When a patron has a item checkout, and the staff tries to checkout
> the same item to another user, there is again a prompt where the staff
> can checkout the item to the other user. Again there is some Koha
> option to turn off that functionality?

No. I think in this case the assumption is that if the patron has
presented a book for checkout, they are entitled to have it. In the
public library setting (where I work), this usually happens when an
item has been returned to the shelf without having been checked in.

> - I've set up the circulation matrix and the circulation rules are
> working almost fine. The only problem is that the patron can place
> holds in more items than the holds allowed count. For example a patron
> with 6 holds allowed can placed holds in more than 6 items. How I can
> resolve it? Maybe some Koha option is missing me...

I don't find this to be the case. Can you describe in detail the steps
you take to reproduce the problem?

  -- Owen

Web Developer
Athens County Public Libraries

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