[Koha] Removing items with no barcodes

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Aug 19 01:29:54 NZST 2010

Janet Deavor wrote:
> We also have the same problem with many items that have no
> holdings.  I'm not sure what we are doing wrong  in our data entry,
> but we have the same issue and we want to work on this problem too. 

As long as nothing's different in your version to mine, I think just
getting rid of them from mysql will work, as long you remove all of
them and do a full reindex afterwards, but searching and using the
perl function C4::Biblio::DelBiblio($dbh,$biblionumber) would be

I don't remember any utility for this, but perhaps there is one.

Hope that helps,
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