[Koha] PTFS Koha Community Support and the Koha.org Website

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sat Apr 24 23:13:59 NZST 2010

John Yokley wrote:
> As promised, PTFS will continue to support the Koha open source community.
> We understand that the http://koha-community.org/ website was set up as a
> temporary measure before our purchase of LibLime, out of concerns that the
> content of koha.org was out of date and was not under the control of
> official members of the community.  To resolve this issue PTFS would like
> help in updating and supporting koha.org. *

Too little too late.

Community members have decided to make koha-community.org the
long-term home, started changing links and so on.  I beg PTFS to do
the right thing now: redirect *.koha.org to *.koha-community.org
immediately (continuing to host bits if the community agrees) and
transfer the domain to HLT as a long-term resolution.

It is incredible to ask, after that painful decision, for everyone to
reverse it and then also start working directly for PTFS for free!

I feel we should not risk losing control of the domain again in the
future while PTFS is being bought by someone else.  Only the unbuyable
common sector (trusts, foundations, community companies, some
cooperatives and similar) can offer long-term stability for Koha.

Furthermore, I think how koha.org worked "about a year ago" was
already after most of the long-time webmasters like me and Russel had
been booted out and - despite the best efforts of some good workers
who still had access - the site was already starting to rot.

Koha has a better user-generated site now, thanks to all those who
have contributed, which we should cherish and keep improving.

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