[Koha] Koha, ILL & FulfILLment™

Magnus Enger magnus at enger.priv.no
Fri Apr 23 22:08:20 NZST 2010


A while back there was some talk about adding ILL-functionality to
Koha, resulting in this wiki page:

Then Equinox announced the FulfILLment™ project:
"FulfILLment will join the basic process of the scalable Evergreen
library software with "connectors" to other integrated library systems
creating a virtual union catalog for library systems or networks
implementing FulfILLment."

So my question is this: Do you think this project makes it unnecessary
do develop ILL-functionality tightly integrated into Koha?

I can't help notice that the (brief) descriptions on the website seems
to indicate that FulfILLment™ will only be useful among libraries that
use FulfILLment™, there is no indication of talking to the world at
large, using some of the protocols mentioned on our wiki page. This
may be the result of FulfILLment™ being a sponsored project and the
spec from the customer not saying anything about talking to the wider
world. And since this is free software it will of course be possible
to implement desired functionality once the source is out in the open.

My second question: is this worth waiting for or is there enough
ILL-momentum in Koha to implement the functionality without waiting
for FulfILLment™?

Magnus Enger
(a.k.a. magnus on IRC)

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