[Koha] Koha foundation resources and capacity

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Fri Oct 30 07:01:41 NZDT 2009

2009/10/30 Ben Ide <benide at gmail.com>:
> One time on your blog and I apologized publicly, as I do any time I offend.
> I have the minority opinion here.  You certainly don't have to listen to me.
>  I only wish you would, rather than assuming that I mean to cause offense or
> start fights.
> It's my opinion -- and that's all I have to offer on this topic -- that I
> represent a much larger community of Koha users and potential users.  Or at
> least a point of view different from the general accept one here.
> If you would like to continue tuning me out, fine.  I know my place here, so
> my feeling won't be hurt.  So long as no one reposts private messages or
> pretends to know what I want/need/think, it's all good to me.
> Thank you.
> -- Ben, gang of one

I call, you win.

I only represent myself when I post from this mailing address. Not anyone else.
I have tried to add some perspective to this issue, and give some
history so why it is a big deal could become clear. If I have offended
you, which it seems I have, or have offended other Koha users. I
unreservedly apologise for that. If you feel I haven't listened to
you, then I apologise for that also.

I love Koha, and I love working with Koha and Koha users, and want the
community to continue to grow and thrive. That is where I am coming

The fact that I feel that I have to post these messages makes these
last few months the worst of the 10 years I have been involved in
Koha. I do know though that there are fantastic people in the
community though, so I know it will get better.

I do try to listen to every Koha user who takes the time to email the
list, yourself included, I just have a hard time knowing where you are
coming from.

I will no longer attempt to push back on you, or to try to debate your
points, as it seems I did so poorly.

Once again for any offense I have caused to any Koha users, I apologise.


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