[Koha] Liblime, Koha, BibLibre and FLOSS

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Fri Oct 23 07:38:11 NZDT 2009

2009/10/23 MJ Ray <mjr at phonecoop.coop>:
> Nicolas Morin <nicolas.morin at biblibre.com>
>> [...] we at BibLibre
>> posted an article on our web site about this issue:
>> http://www.biblibre.com/content/liblime-koha-biblibre-and-floss
> Amongst other things, that says:
>  "BibLibre decided we needed to modify our standard hosting contract
>  to close the GPL loophole used by LibLime: in our future contracts,
>  and when the current contracts are renewed, an extra article is
>  added to the contract which specifies that even though the software
>  is hosted, the library has access to the source code, GPLed."
> I'm surprised because software.coop's usual contract terms have said
> that we "grant permission to the Buyer to use, copy, modify, adapt or
> enhance the material supplied in the performance of the Services, so
> far as [the co-op] is permitted to grant that permission" since at
> least 2006 and probably before (I'd need to check paper files to be
> sure).
> For Koha, that means you get a copy under the GPL, basically.
> What with all the flaming of LibLime for hosting lock-in, I didn't
> expect that other Koha vendors weren't making at least that promise
> already.  So - would the other vendors like to state their current
> contract permissions?  Anyone else want to follow the co-op and
> BibLibre and make this promise to your buyers?
> Also, I'd like to know whether anyone else's hosting-source-access
> clause forbids evil tricks like public key encryption?  Offering
> access alone isn't sufficient.  Also, what about the data?
As far as Im aware Liblime is the only vendor in the history of Koha,
certainly the only vendor listed on the Koha support page, to refuse
to give the source code, and database access to their customers.
For me thats where the flames are coming from.
I will find out what the Catalyst contracts say, but we don't have and
Software as a Service Koha clients, they are all self hosted. But I
will look just for curiosity sake.


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