[Koha] Stuck with mailing overdue notice

nitesh rijal rijal.it at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 19:39:42 NZDT 2009

Hello all

I am using KOHA 3.0.3 with zebra server. I have sendmail and it sends mail
from command line.

I have set up a new patron with an email address and also made a lot of
overdue for that patron.

The fines.pl file calculates the fine very well.

But when it comes to mailing the patron about the overdue then I'm stuck.

I have set up the triggers and the rules for mailing as well. I have changed
the /usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/crontab.example accordingly.

This is what I did to change the crontab.example file.

# crontab -u root crontab.example
# crontab -u kohaadmin crontab.example
# crontab -e

Now I edited the file, it uses nano editor to edit the crontab entries.

To save them I pressed Crtl+O and gave the path to save as

To exit the crontab I pressed Ctrl+X.

To list the entries I used
# crontab -l
and it listed all my entries fine.

Now I waited for the cron to run, but it didnot send the mail while it
accumulated the fine.
Both the fine and mail scripts are in the same crontab.

So I ran the overdue_message.pl and process_message_queue.pl manually. They
showed me no error neither they send the mails.

What am I supposed to do now ????

I'm pretty much stucked.

Please Help.


Nitesh Rijal
email: rijal.it at gmail.com
url: http://niteshrijal.com.np
facebook: http://facebook.com/openrijal
twitter: http://twitter.com/openrijal
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