[Koha] Barcodes Scanners

Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger at foundations.edu
Wed Nov 4 05:43:19 NZDT 2009

Hi Ed,

2009/11/3 Roche III, Edward <edward_roche at solanco.k12.pa.us>:
> Good Morning All
> I have an issue/curious question. Is there a difference in barcode format
> “Code 39 Mod 10” and normal “Code 39”?

Code 39 Mod 10 includes a Mod 10 checksum and so is different. Code 39
is known as a "self-checking" format and so really does not need a

>The weird part is the scanner is reading both and
> entering the correct value for each but when you submit the Code 39 Mod 10
> it says it can’t find the barcode but if you scan the Code 39 barcode it
> works fine.

I'm guessing a little here, but you probably have to setup your
scanner for Code 39 Mod 10 in order to get the checksum digit decoded

Personally, I think I'd whip up a script to change the Code 39 Mod 10
barcodes to plain Code 39.

Kind Regards,

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