[Koha] Please Help: Authority Search - Not returning Result. Zebra Index Picks up 4 Authority Records

Susan Mustafa susan.mustafa at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 04:47:49 NZDT 2009

Good Day Frederic,

Kindly tell me how do I disable the Authority? in Koha?

Right now, if we try to create a new Marc Record, start from empty record,
and go to the tag that have to put a Author Personal Name for example, it
GREYS the box, and ONLY a popup window can be used to search for an already
existing authority??

Can you tell me how I disable this popup window and simply make Koha
understand simple text rather than Authority??

I hope I am making sense.

Would you recommend that I re-install to keep with future changes?? Because
it took me a long time to setup Koha, since I am a beginner and really
worried that it would delay the project from going live even more.

Someone today in IRC mentioned that I am using the old version of idzebra
when I should be using idzebra-2.0, so I think tomorrow morning my time i
will try that..and keep you guys on the loop.

Please do remember me if you come across aything related to this, Thanks

2009/11/2 Frédéric DEMIANS <f.demians at tamil.fr>

> Your Koha installation is messed up for whatever reason. I recommend you
> reinstalling everything. The best installation documentation, and most
> up-to-date, is INSTALL.debian-lenny. I've seen on IRC that you customized
> your template. Avoid that if you don't know how to track your modifications
> with a code version control program like git. Otherwise, you won't be able
> to upgrade to Koha newer version, which is very important for a software
> like Koha.
> Another option is to disable completely authorities (in Framework), as
> suggested by Chris. Believe me, if your catalog is small, authority
> management is a nonsense. We have lot of small libraries using Koha without
> authorities for the sake of users!
> Hope it helps.
> --
> Frédéric DEMIANS
> http://www.tamil.fr/u/fdemians.html
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