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Rachel Hollis Rachel.Hollis at stevenshenager.edu
Fri May 8 07:56:17 NZST 2009

Greetings friends, my geek (who has graduated and is available less) checked out the situation last week and found that circulation history tied to patrons is completely gone; the table column show item numbers and the patron column is empty. The damage occurred when I ran anonymize circulation history (4/7) while items were checked out. Fortunately the only items affected were those currently checked out.

Perhaps "damage" is too strong a word:
1. Affected items appear on overdue reports without patron data.
2. When I click on "download file of all overdues," the CSV file contains no data.
3. Affected checkouts and due-dates post-anonymize circulation history display with patrons but not with items.
4. Affected items checked-in are "not checked out" - they cannot be returned so are forever overdue? is this because they are separated from patron data?
5. Affected items appear on overdue reports even after they have been returned or reissued.
6. Affected items cannot be deleted because they are checked out.

We are considering:
a) Update each affected item's status to Withdrawn, add second item - affected items will remain on overdue lists.
b) "Migrate" to an earlier version of Koha (anonymous is new in Koha 3?)
c) "Migrate" our biblios minus affected items to another Koha 3.0.
d) A combination of the above: make Withdrawn, export biblios/items, remove Withdrawn, reload

My geek says that I tend to have a hammer to the fly approach and I sincerely hope/believe there's a better way to approach this situation. Is there a better way to correct this situation?

Because pictures communicate more, there are screen shots are at the following link:

Rachel Hollis, librarian
Stevens-Henager College, Boise Idaho Campus

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