[Koha] Anyone using tag clouds?

Nelson Fredsell -CCE nelson at cfce.org.za
Thu May 7 22:56:42 NZST 2009

Hi everyone,


Is anyone using the tag / tag cloud feature for cataloguing purposes?  We're
considering the use of tags during the catalogue process, to allow use of
additional subject/keyword material not part of MARC and Z39.50.


I'm aware that 690 would allow us to put in local Subject assignments,  and
the cataloguer could enter the 690 AFTER a Z39.50 search.  The problem we
have is that we think we'd like to enter 690 BEFORE the Z39.50 search.  I
say BEFORE, because we'd map proprietary Subjects and Keywords during our
initial migration from the legacy system, then slowly as we have time run
z39.50 searches on all our records.


If  you're happily using tags for cataloguing, I'd appreciate a link to your
OPAC so that I could see what this actually looks like in Koha.




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