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Ben --

No particular schema is required by Koha.  Each integration will depend
entirely on what data the client Koha wants and what the LDAP server
available presents.  See the perldoc from C4::Auth_with_ldap for more info.

The slides from my KohaCon presentation on LDAP may also be usefule, and are
posted here:

They describe Koha fields that are considered "required", but also different
levels of "requirement" for mapping data.
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> Howdy all,
> I'm setting up Koha for a client. They have an existing LDAP directory
> for user account authorisation, and want to use that for Koha's
> borrowers and administrators.
> There is documentation on making custom LDAP mappings, but I'm not sure
> what LDAP schemas are *needed* by Koha. What more is necessary beyond
> the common ‘person’, ‘posixAccount’, ‘inetOrgPerson’?
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