[Koha] Reference books & books for loan

Ondrej Mlecka omlecka at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 19:49:04 NZST 2009

In our library, there's a big part of books which a patron can read inside
of the library but which are not available for loan. There's another part of
the library which contains books for loan. I would like to ask how is it
possible to distinguish these categories in Koha.

If I simply check the "Not for loan" field for items which are for referene
only, the OPAC search summary displays "No copies available" (but they are
available, but not for loan).

I could also define that for ex. that books are not for loan (in the "Item
types and circulation" settings). But in this case I can't distinguish books
which are for loan.

Would anyone know how to resolve this difficulty?


Ondrej Mleca
Casa Balthasar
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