[Koha] Koha and RFID

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Fri Jun 12 02:53:15 NZST 2009

"Phil Suda" <psuda at slcl.org> wrote:
>             Does Koha support RFID, specifically Bibliotheca RFID? What
> problems are people facing in the way of RFID and Koha? Any and all advice,
> tips, suggestions, etc. are greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

Koha supports RFID through SIP and NCIP machines, but...

I have a development version called Koha rfidEnabled which will be
submitted to koha.org as soon as we can without disrupting our
customers too much.  I'm using DLP-RFID1 USB taggers with TagStar tags
and aiming for ISO-28560-2 layout.  These can be read and written
through the circulation, cataloguing and tools.

Bibliotheca RFID seems to be Danish Data Model, so it should be
broadly compatible.  http://www.bibliotheca-rfid.com/faq
I've not tried it yet.

The biggest problems are poor hardware and poor cooperation.  There is
still a lot for bad people to gain from trying to "capture" the RFID
market before it becomes standardised and interoperable.

Hope that helps,
MJ Ray (slef).  LMS developer and supporter for a small, friendly
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