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Except for the bit about cataloguing, Koha is a candidate for good behaviour..., all of your other questions boil down to something that sits there and does things without complaining much, and Koha won't.

You should provide some more information about your cataloguing. Koha does not currently have (in the official version, at least), alternatives to regular MARC cataloguing (if i may call it that). Having said that, with some configuration, and a little bit of training, you should be able to get your non-librarians do some half-decent stuff. But i am not a librarian myself, so i am on sticky terrain there...

Yes, Koha will handle single install, multiple administrators...


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I am considering Koha for our very small
libraries (Fewer than 50 transactions/day).  We might get some help doing
the initial setup on a CentOS 5.2 server.  We’re wanting a basic
install, allowing patrons to do online search of catalogues of multiple
collections in a single library, and multiple libraries belonging to legally
separate NGOs. 


+Once set up, is it possible that it could
need very little support/maintenance?  We could pay something for set up,
but ongoing annual support fees we’d like to avoid. 


+And I suppose that support could be
provided remotely, perhaps on an hourly basis, with the exception of possibly
needing to reboot the server.   


+We have limited IT skills inhouse and NO
full time library staff.   


+ Staff who do the cataloguing  would
not be professional librarians. 


+We’ve developed our own cataloguing
system, not standard in any way – can Koha work with this?  Maybe
over time we’d like to standardize.  


+If so, the chaser question is that each
very small (NGO/school) library has its  own cataloguing system: would
this be a problem for Koha – single install, multiple administrators (one
at each library). 


I don’t want to bite off more than we
can chew, and I don’t want to leave my NGO in the lurch after I’m
no longer employed there.  I have about three months to implement something,
and make sure it’s stable. 


Thanks very much for feedback, 



Administrator / resident techie 

Centre for Creative Education 

Cape Town, South Africa 





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