[Koha] Default currency for fines?

Jolanta Kaun reference at lcc.lt
Tue Sep 23 00:26:14 NZST 2008

..."Also some templates may have $ hard-coded in them still."...

We would also like to change a '$' symbol with our local currency. Are
you saying it is not possible to do from admin module? Can a programmer
change it?


Jolanta Kaun 

LCC International University


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Krishnan Mani <krishnanm75 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> How do i set this currency as the default for calculating and
reporting all fines (also to the patron when she logins to OPAC)? 

As I understand it, the default currency is whatever has its rate
set to 1 in Administration > Currencies, but I could be wrong.
Also some templates may have $ hard-coded in them still.

Hope that helps,
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