[Koha] Layout for patron cards

Krishnan Mani krishnanm75 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 19 22:43:04 NZST 2008


i am trying to print patron cards and the default template for patron cards doesn't really  produce much.

i tried creating a fresh layout, chose layout type of "patron cards", and specified the following under Data Fields: "cardnumber, firstname, surname" after choosing the 'List fields' radio button.

i save this layout, and created a new patron card batch, but the cards generated have only the name of my sole branch, the patron category, and the cardnumber, and nothing else. 

i copied the field names from the "borrowers" database table, do i need to prefix the tablename?

What am i not doing right? Also, i'd like graphical barcodes on my patron cards for future use with a scanner.

Thanks and regards,

krishnan mani

Pune, India

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