[Koha] Marc conversion for a repeatable field

vijay kumar vijcrjbhu at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 02:51:28 NZST 2008

Dear Member and Ata sir,
Many many thanks for help.
I am using MarcEdit for conversion of record.
Everthing is ok during conversion of text file to marc.

Since subject added field is repeatable and I am using 650$a for
subjectadded entry
available for a title.So during search in OPAC all subject added entry
come in a single string.

Nonlinear dynamical systems;Fractals

these two subject added entry considerd as a single string in my OPAC.

anyone please help me how to treat a repeatable field and how I will
put marc tag for them.
I put all subject added entry in a single tab, Shall I have to put all
subject in different tab?????????

For example I pasted two .mrk file for viewing
=LDR  00000nam a2200000Ia 4500
=008  080919s9999\\\\xx\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\und\d
=080  \\$a511$bLIN
=100  \\$aLINES M;
=245  \\$aThink of a number
=260  \\$aBristol$bInst. of Physics$c1990
=300  \\$a"viii+163p,"
=650  \\$aNumber theory;Popular book;
=942  \\$cBK
=952  \\$o511LIN$p17653   C$aRRI$bRRI

=LDR  00000nam a2200000Ia 4500
=008  080919s9999\\\\xx\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\und\d
=080  \\$a536.767$bFRO
=100  \\$aFROYLAND J;
=245  \\$aIntroduction to chaos and coherence
=260  \\$aBristol$bInst. of Physics$c1992
=300  \\$a"vii+130p,"
=650  \\$aNonlinear dynamical systems;Fractals;
=942  \\$cBK
=952  \\$o536.767FRO$p17652   C$aRRI$bRRI

Many Many thanks in advance,

vijay kumar

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