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Lexa Long llong at shepherd.edu
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I am a new Koha user.  I am using 3.00.  My Koha was installed last week
but the person who installed has left the library and I do not have a
Linnux programmer on staff at this time.


We are only using Acquisitions as we make plans to migrate the rest of
the system.  Our ILS system as of now is Voyager. We have not used
Voyager Acquisitions.  Last year we use a program called OSA.


My problem is the Library Director wants the budget to be leveled much
like Voyager.  He wants Library, then Schools, then Types of Material.
He also has some funds that are not part of the general library budget
to display on the main acquisitions page.  In general the budget would
look as follows:


Library        Total amount of expenditures

  School      Total for the School



   Electronic Resources


Is there a way to do this in Koha without a major rewrite of
Acquisitions.  I am open to other suggestions.  He wants to see it at a
glance and not write a report all the time.


Lexa V. Long

Acquisions Associate

Scarborough Library

Shepherds University

P. O. Box 5001

Shepherdstown, WV   25443

(304) 876-5417    OFFICE

(304) 876-0731    Fax

llong at shepherd.edu


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