[Koha] The best way to implement multiple databases

Doug Dearden dearden at sarsf.org
Tue Oct 21 09:04:56 NZDT 2008

Hello all,

I am installing Koha 3.0 to catalog multiple databases for the same location. 
We are a small non-profit educational institution, where scholars come for
advanced study.  We have a collection that is only available to those on campus
residents, and one that is available more widely to our members.  I would like
to set up the two databases on the same server, and configure Apache to listen
on different ports or IP adresses for access to each of the catalogs.  I want
users to be able to browse via the OPAC without logging in.  I can filter the
traffic at the firewall to only allow access from off campus to the more widely
available collection.  I have read the doc online about the IndependentBranches
option in the Global Preferences section, but am unclear on how this is
implemented for each Library if it is turned on.  I see that there is an IP
option in the Libraries screen.  If I fill that in with a different address for
each Library, is it then a matter of adding a VirtualHost directive in the conf
file?  Or is there more config that needs to take place?  Or am I better off
installing this multiple times with separate databases for each catalog?  Should
I choose a Standard install, or are multiple Single installs the way to go?

Just trying to get it right the first time.

I am posting this a second time, as after a couple of hours the first post has
not appeared and there is nothing in my email.



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