[Koha] Koha 3.0 and LDAP

Winter, James WinterJ at arcadia.edu
Fri Oct 10 05:10:27 NZDT 2008

In trying to get LDAP authentication working with Koha 3.0, I'm coming
across the following error when loading the OPAC page:


No "ldapserver" in server hash from KOHA_CONF: /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
at /usr/share/perl/5.8/CGI/Carp.pm line 314, <DATA> line 275.


Is this indicating that the LDAP connection is failing, or that my
koha-conf.xml isn't configured correctly? This is my LDAP config



<ldapserver id="ldapserver" listenref="ldapserver">



           <replicate>1</replicate>   <!-- add new users from LDAP to
Koha database -->

           <update>1</update>         <!-- update existing users in Koha
database -->

           <mapping>                  <!-- match koha SQL field names to
your LDAP record field names -->

             <firstname    is="givenname"      ></firstname>

             <surname      is="sn"             ></surname>

             <address      is="postaladdress"  ></address>

             <city         is="l"              >Athens, OH</city>

             <zipcode      is="postalcode"     ></zipcode>

             <branchcode   is="branch"         >MAIN</branchcode>

             <userid       is="uid"            ></userid>

             <password     is="userpassword"   ></password>

             <email        is="mail"           ></email>

             <categorycode is="employeetype"   >PT</categorycode>

             <phone        is="telephonenumber"></phone>




Thanks for any insight into this.


James Winter

Arcadia University <http://www.arcadia.edu/> 

Systems Manager


winterj at arcadia.edu <mailto:winterj at arcadia.edu> 



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