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Kathy Rippel kdr at ckls.org
Thu Oct 9 13:58:58 NZDT 2008

I don't have an answer; but we agree with you wholeheartedly. This 
and the fact that holds show up as "Available" in the OPAC unless 
checked out are two of the serious issues about holds that need to be 


At 05:38 PM 10/8/2008, Fooled One wrote:
>Koha version <>
>Debian Etch
>Perl version 5.008008
>MySQL version 5.0.32
>Apache version 2.2.3
>The "Holds Awaiting Pickup" and "Holds to Pull" circulation reports 
>do not show a list of items that are placed by patrons from home 
>that are already available in the library.  The "Holds Awaiting 
>Pickup" report does seem to show a list of items if they have been 
>on hold while the item was checked out to another patron and that 
>patron just check it back in.
>The lack of "Holds to Pull" reporting is an important issue because 
>librarians need to know what items need to be pulled off the shelf 
>when a patron places a hold - even if the item is already available.
>I have my preferences set to:
>AllowOnShelfHolds: ON
>emailLibrarianWhenHoldsPlaced: ON (though this does not work either)
>Any thoughts on how to fix this this? Is there a job that needs to 
>be running? Am I just missing something?
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