[Koha] what is "LibraryName" in Opac preferences?

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 06:26:23 NZDT 2008

Owen Leonard wrote:
>>  In Opac preferences, where is the value of LibraryName supposed to
>>  appear on the library welcome page? At present, whatever value I set
>>  appears on the title bar of the browser window.
> That's right, in 3.0 the LibraryName preference only changes the title
> tag in the opac. There are a few other options for customizing the
> OPAC to include additional markup:
> opacheader allows you to insert HTML above the OPAC's main search bar
> opacsmallimage lets you change out the default "koha" logo in the
> main search bar to one of your own
> OpacMainUserBlock lets you insert custom HTML into the main column of
> the OPAC home page
>   -- Owen

Ah! Right.

Thanks a ton,

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