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Fri Mar 7 04:03:52 NZDT 2008

I seem to be having a little trouble posting to this list.  Apologies if
this message appears more than once today.

I'm working with Carol on the test instance of Koha at the NREL Library.
We followed Cindy's directions below, but repeatedly got a server error
when we clicked on the edit subfields button. Before I go any further I
should point out that we are using Koha on a Windows machine.  I'll also
note that I am not a programmer, and am just guessing here. That said, I
think there may be a problem in this part of the code.  I'm going to do
my best to document what occurred below so that Rob and the other
Windows developers can take a look at it and hopefully determine whether
the problem is related to our installation or is actually a problem in
the code.

Here is the error as reported in the apache intranet error log:
[Wed Mar 05 15:04:49 2008] [error] [client] can't opendir
c:\\usr\\koha228\\intranet/value_builder: No such file or directory at
line 143., referer:

Here are lines 136-150 from marc_subfields_structure.pl: (I put an * at
line 143) # read value_builder directory.
# 2 cases here : on CVS install, $cgidir does not need a /cgi-bin # on a
standard install, /cgi-bin need to be added. 
# test one, then the other
my $cgidir = C4::Context->intranetdir ."/cgi-bin"; unless (opendir(DIR,
"$cgidir/value_builder")) {
	$cgidir = C4::Context->intranetdir;
*	opendir(DIR, "$cgidir/value_builder") || die "can't opendir
$cgidir/value_builder: $!";
} while (my $line = readdir(DIR)) {
	if ($line =~ /\.pl$/) {
		push (@value_builder,$line);
closedir DIR;

I don't really understand the code above, but I took a guess based on
the error message and this code that the program might be looking for
value_builder in the wrong place.  In my windows directory this is the
default path to the value_builder folder:

I made a copy of value_builder and moved it here:

As soon as I made this change I was able to go back to the subfields
page, and the edit subfields button now works fine.  I have left the
value_builder folder in both locations for now, but I don't really want
to do anything else with our installation until I know what the
ramifications of this change might be.

One other problem we've noticed on our install is that some of the pages
don't load correctly. There are empty spaces on the page, but when
rolling the mouse over them, some of the images will appear.  This
problem occurs using IE6.  I haven't tried it in Firefox, but will

Can anyone shed some light on either of these issues?


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Hi Carol,

Go into System Parameters --> Biblio framework, open up your MARC
structure, and Edit Subfields of each field/subfield you want to see on
the first page, changing "Managed in tab" to 0.  This will show
everything on the first tab. 

Caveat:  Leave the tab for your item level subfields (mine are in 952)
set to tab 10; changing that will likely cause problems.


Cindy Murdock
IT Services Director
Meadville Public Library    | CCFLS
http://meadvillelibrary.org | http://ccfls.org

Fitzgerald, Carol wrote:
> We just downloaded Koha Basic to get a feel for the software.  One of 
> the first things we've noticed is the Add Marc display screen:  all 
> the buttons down the side, one for a separate page of tags, rather 
> than just a blank form for tags and subtags that can be filled out by
a cataloger.
> We've copied the default and gone through the laborious task of 
> deleting each tag we didn't want for a monographic record.  However, 
> we don't immediately see how to remove the buttons on the left frame 
> (so we can just have the full blank record display with the tags and 
> subtags we've selected).  Is there a configuration we've missed or is 
> this how the cataloging form will always display?  Having the tags on 
> separate pages based on their numbering seems inefficient.
> Carol Fitzgerald
> NREL Library
> Golden, CO

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