[Koha] Purpose of this list? - Adding more lists?

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On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 8:48 AM, ed c <terrapin44 at yahoo.com> wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: [Koha] Purpose of this list? - Adding more lists?
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>> > Henri (list moderator for koha-dev) can possibly
>> clarify, but the developer
>> > list pretty clearly says it's for developers. If
>> we wanted to do anything
>> > there, it could be to moderate who joins the developer
>> list.
>> I would think we wouldn't want to moderate who joins
>> lists - just
>> because the nature of open source is that anyone can become
>> a
>> developer and having membership moderated seems sort of
>> closed off.
> I agree. I think the developers on the list could self moderate and if people start asking questions more appropriate for another list, send them in that direction.
> Edward
I don't think we've necessarily had a problem of the developer's list
not moderating,
more that there was some concern that the Koha User's list has a mix
of both Usage and
'How do I Install Koha' type questions that get pretty technical. The
fear I've heard expressed
is that librarians who would normally feel comfortable posting
questions about Usage
are scarred off by all of the system-level technical talk relating to
'how do I install Koha'. I
can't verify this personally ... I've never had anyone tell me that
specifically, but it does have
the ring of truth :-)

So I see two options:

1. create another list (we have far more than two already folks)
specifically for Usage, or specifically for 'How do I Install Koha'
2. do a better job of moderating the Koha user's list (this one) to
help it focus on less technical, more Usage questions.

I personally favor #2.


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