[Koha] Login questions

Joshua Ferraro jmf at liblime.com
Sat Jul 19 10:57:10 NZST 2008

On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 1:58 PM, Paul Yachnes <yach at cox.net> wrote:
> 1. I have Koha set up with a single branch. When logging in to the
> intranet, I have achoice on the dropdown list between "My Library" and
> my branch name. What is the difference in logging in as one or the
> other? For that matter, what is the diference when logging in to
> different branches? And can I eliminate the "My Library" choice from the
> list"?
> 2. When I log in to the OPAC, in the upper right-hand corner I see:
> Welcome, | Log Out
> Does this mean that I am logged in as an anonymous user? To log in as a
> user, I must then log out and log back in. Is this how it's supposed to
> work?  When I do log in, I see Welcome, Paul Yachnes | Log out.
> 3. I have singleBranchMode on. However, it doesn't seem to work as it
> should. For example, when I go to the Advanced Search page, I still have
> a choice on the dropdown list between "All Libraries" and my branch
> name. Or is this how it's supposed to work?
You're right, I'd suggest re-basing off of Git, that's something that was
recently fixed.


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