[Koha] Problem installing Yaz on AMD64

Mason James mason.loves.sushi at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 12:00:28 NZST 2008

On 2008/07/14, at 11:54 AM, Paul Yachnes wrote:

> I have already followed these instructions from http:// 
> wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=ubuntu_gutsy&s=ubuntu%20gutsy:
> Install yaz
> Add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list:
> deb http://ftp.indexdata.dk/debian indexdata/sarge released
> deb-src http://ftp.indexdata.dk/debian indexdata/sarge released
> Install the public key that IndexData uses to sign their packages:
> wget http://ftp.indexdata.dk/debian/indexdata.asc
> apt-key add indexdata.asc
> Update the package index
> apt-get update
> Install yaz using apt-get
> apt-get install yaz
> But the version of Yaz installed is too old to install  
> Net::Z3950::ZOOM.
> Did I need to do something else?

Hi Paul

i've recently set up a debian amd-64 box. using the indexdata *.deb  

here's what my relevant /etc/apt/sources.list lines look like

  deb http://ftp.indexdata.dk/debian etch main
  deb-src http://ftp.indexdata.dk/debian etch main

hope that helps ;)
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