[Koha] [Koha-devel] MIME::Lite issues

Andrew Moore andrew.moore at liblime.com
Sat Jul 12 00:48:07 NZST 2008

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 8:04 PM, Joe Atzberger <ohiocore at gmail.com> wrote:
> It seems like:
> 3.021 installed vs.
> 3.01 required
> should already succeed, right?  What is happening there that wouldn't happen
> with 3.00 or 3.000 or 3?

Hi Joe - thanks for helping.

Yes, I find it very odd, too.

Also, I hadn't noticed the first time, but John is installing RC1 (not
the latest git repository). I hadn't added the explicit MIME::Lite
3.01 requirement before RC1 was released. It just went in the other
day to git and hasn't made it into any release at all.

So, I'm not sure what was requiring MIME::Lite. Perhaps it was an
implicit requirement that we got by requiring something else. The
other two MIME::* modules that we require are in core, so they're not
requiring it. I can't tell that Mail::Sendmail requires it. I'm at a
lost to explain what is requiring it for him.

That puzzlement aside, the reason that he appears to have it
installed, but his install script doesn't see it is still a question.
Perhaps he has two versions of perl installed, with different sets of
modules installed. Or, perhaps there is some problem with his @INC.

John, is there anything else odd or special about the environment that
you can tell us? As you can see, we're sort of grasping at straws
here, but would really like to figure this out. Is this a pretty stock
Ubuntu installation, or has it been changed in any significant way?
What version of perl is this (perl -v)?


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