[Koha] RE: [Koha-devel] What Server Specs do YOU run Koha on?

Chadwick, John, DCA john.chadwick at state.nm.us
Wed Jan 23 12:09:25 NZDT 2008

We are just getting involved with Koha and are not in production yet,
which is why we are starting with version 3.0 alpha. We have 8 Mac minis
(Intel duo core processors with 1GB of RAM) each with 60GB hard drives
that were purchased for another project that ended abrubtly. I have
installed Ubuntu 7.10 on two of these machines so far and have
successfully brought up one of the machines. I still need to do some
tweaks on a second machine to get Zebra to work properly.


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Hiya folks,

Recently we've had a lot of people ask about recommended server specs
for Koha. This is a tough question to answer because it comes loaded
assumptions about the size of the collection, transaction load, etc. So
I was
wondering if those of you who are running Koha in your libraries could
post a quick email to the list saying how large your collection is,
number of
transactions, what server specs you use (proc speed, RAM, disk space,
and how the performance has been for you ... and then we can compile
that as part of the FAQ.


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