[Koha] installing version 3 [batch loading]

Galen Charlton galen.charlton at liblime.com
Mon Feb 25 20:48:03 NZDT 2008


On 2/24/08, Eric Lease Morgan <eric_morgan at infomotions.com> wrot
>  Again, what am I doing wrong? Have I not configured something? How
>  can I ultimately load my millions of records into version 3.x?

For handling millions of records, bulkmarcimport.pl is the better bet.
 The staging MARC import (for which I've fixed a few bugs recently --
are you using the alpha distribution or a recent git pull?) is handy
if you want to try different record matching profiles or revert batch
loads, but consumes extra space and time that's not needed for a load
of millions of records.

Once you do a bulkmarcimport.pl run, the zebraqueue daemon process
will index the records one at a time.  But if you've just done a large
bib load, it's much faster to (re)build the indexes in bulk by running
rebuild_zebra.pl.  If you haven't started zebraqueue or run
rebuild_zebra.pl yet, then Zebra hasn't indexed anything yet, and that
might account for the lack of search results.

If running rebuild_zebra.pl doesn't take care of it, please post some
more details from the Zebra log.

>  Finally, I think the version 3.x demo is really impressive! I like
>  the path this is taking. Faceted browse. Cover art. Web Services
>  interfaces. Very nice. The only thing I didn't see was spell check/
>  Did You Mean?

The feature is there, but for minor typos, the search engine
automatically includes the correct terms.  For example, try searching
on 'Stephen Wing'.  It is also possible to configure Koha to
explicitly give spelling suggestions to the user, but that doesn't
appear to have been activated for opacdemo.koha.org.


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