[Koha] installing version 3 [batch loading]

Eric Lease Morgan eric_morgan at infomotions.com
Mon Feb 25 12:53:17 NZDT 2008

On Feb 24, 2008, at 4:24 PM, Galen Charlton wrote:

>>  Was the make process expected to create the database structure?  
>> Did I
>>  miss something?
> The database structure is created by the web installer, which is
> invoked the first time that you access the staff web interface (use
> the mysql database username and password to log in).

Thank you for the prompt rely, but now I need some hints batch  
loading into version 3.0

I have (more or less) deleted my version 2.x of Koha and re-started  
with version 3.0. I need to support millions of records, and  
everybody desires faceted browse. I have installed version 3.0 using  
the single user model. I have edited the koha-httpd.conf file so  
Apache can find my installation. I can connect to both the  
administrative and users interfaces.  I tried using the Web interface  
to stage and add 100 MARC records. Staging them seems to go just fine  
but completing the staging seems to fall into an infinite loop. I  
quit the process after about twenty minutes while my browser's status  
bar tried to load hundreds of items. The % value never went above 0.  
I then got Zebra up an running. I tried to connect to it using yaz- 
client, but I was never successful. I tried some queries from the  
admin interface but nothing was ever returned, yet the zebra server  
logged some interactions. I tried using the commit_biblios_file.pl  
script. It found my staged data, but again nothing seemed to get  
imported. I then tried to use the bulkmarcimport.pl script. It  
counted my 100 test records but they never seemed to get added to the  

Again, what am I doing wrong? Have I not configured something? How  
can I ultimately load my millions of records into version 3.x?

Finally, I think the version 3.x demo is really impressive! I like  
the path this is taking. Faceted browse. Cover art. Web Services  
interfaces. Very nice. The only thing I didn't see was spell check/ 
Did You Mean?

Eric Lease Morgan

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