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Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger at foundations.edu
Sat Feb 16 14:29:28 NZDT 2008

On 2/15/08, doybia at gmavt.net <doybia at gmavt.net> wrote:
> I'm part of a group of libraries in Vermont who are in the process of
> moving to Koha. Most of the other libraries are already automated, but a
> few of us are still on card catalogs, so we are starting from scratch.
> Here are the questions:
> 1)I've moved some of my marc records into Koha, but the bar code generator
> in Koha doesn't work for me. Does anyone know what will make this work so
> I could print my own?

Which version of Koha are you using? 3.0 alpha works fine, but may
need some customization on the barcode number generation depending on
what you are looking for.

> 3)If I do go and buy barcodes and apply them to my books, how do I link
> the barcode to the marc record?

Koha 3.0 can be setup to generate the barcodes automatically when
entering your records. A script could probably be written to add
barcodes to records that have been bulk imported as well.

> 4)How about the barcodes for the patron cards? We'll be importing the
> patron records eventually (they are currently in an Excel spreadsheet) and
> they'll need to have barcodes attached, too. I assume they should be
> different from the book barcodes. At our meeting today I was told to start
> the Patron barcodes with P and the Book barcodes with B, which seems
> simple enough. Any other suggestions?

Not being a trained librarian, I'm not %100 sure on the standard
prefix nomenclature. Maybe someone else with more knowledge can help


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