[Koha] How to manage virtual branches (or temporary locations)

Joann Ransom jransom at library.org.nz
Wed Dec 3 14:41:22 NZDT 2008

Hi there,

Wondering how Koha 3.0 can handle what we call virtual branches. We are 
still running 2.9.2 but plan to move to Koha 3.0 soonish.

We have 3 real or physical libraries (Foxton, Levin and Shanon). We have 
also been running a bunch of virtual branches too, so we can track where 
items are. These include Foxton Mending (a mending room at Foxton 
Library), Levin Mending (Mending room at Levin Library), Processing (the 
processing bench at Levin), HDC Stack (the Council strong room across 
the road from Levin Library) etc.

We transfer items in the circulation module to the appropriate mending 
branch before moving them into the mending room, and for processing all 
new acquistions being received default to current branch P for porcessing.

So, my question is, how do other libraries manage the current locations 
of items being moved into mending or coming through processing?

Any thoughts and solutions would be gratefuly accepted.

Cheers Jo.

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