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Grap, Sheila SGrap at bcps.k12.md.us
Wed Aug 13 01:17:26 NZST 2008

Our school district is migrating from TLC to KOHA 3.0.  The migration team has a few questions as we start this process.  We are using Fedora on the server.
Our questions:
1.  What information should be set up before importing our records?
2.  What special considerations do we need to be aware of when importing the records?
3.  When we look at the MARC records that we have exported the branch (schools for us) includes a letter designation after the school number :  i.e.:  416 NF, 416 FIC,  416 REF,  416 PRF  all the books are at one school.  Do we need to set each set as a separate branch or will KOHA just read the 416 as the branch?  We have 200 schools to set up as branches and if we have to divide each school into 5 or 6 branches, the typing and set up can be overwhelming.  Schools open in about a week and we need to be up and running. 
I have learnt so much from the this listserv just reading the questions and answers from other members.  
Thank you 
Sheila Grap
Specialist  Library/Media
Room 303
200 E. North Ave
Baltimore, MD  21202
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