[Koha] Vendor Question - criteria for being a vendor

Rachel Hamilton-Williams rachel at katipo.co.nz
Fri Apr 11 12:54:16 NZST 2008

>>  If someone wants on-site support, then it's going to limit the
>>  options, but I suspect BibLibre and Calyx as well as TTLLP are happy
>>  to accept international enquiries with remote support in general, so
>>  it puts my nose out a bit when a company not seen here recently uses
>>  someone not liking LibLime's prices as an excuse to mailbomb the list.
>>  Limes are not the only fruit.
> I couldn't agree more, which is why you've never seen the koha lists used as
> a marketing tool for LibLime. We always point folks to
> http://koha.org/support/pay.html
> if they are looking for commercial support on-list.
I don't administer the page at the moment, but my "criteria" for adding 
people/companies in the more recent past has been that you had to 
demonstrate a working Koha to me that you were actually supporting. Just 
having the skills to do it on paper wasn't enough.

I've had a lot of queries from companies wanting to be listed who 
haven't (that I'm aware of) contributed to the lists/ support or the 
code base but would like to say they are the contacts for their 
particular region/country. My reasoning in saying they have to have a 
working copy of koha up and running, is that in good conscience I don't 
think we can recommend a company for commercial support who hasn't 
actually setup and run or supported a Koha site (even their own) before.

They can of course put on their own websites that they offer Koha 
support etc.

In the first year or so of Koha that wasn't the criteria - because no 
one other than Katipo had that experience, so we listed people and 
companies who were involved in the project.

If we need some criteria for getting a listing put on the page then 
demonstrating a working copy of Koha would be my base level.


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