[Koha] NZ English Translation

russ at russandsarah.gen.nz russ at russandsarah.gen.nz
Fri Apr 11 09:14:02 NZST 2008

> I am sure his point was : let us not spread out forces, but let us join
> and disambiguate, harmonize all the terms that still are quite "fuzzy"
> checkout return, Issues, as a checkout or as a "serial issue". And then
> let's play.

Ok sounds good. I can help, but the easiest way for me to do so would be
via the translation manager. Koha is not my day job. So set up code for
this english version (suggest en-US as ODLIS is written in US english?)
and then we can have at it.

So plan from there - do an en-GB version?

And then see where we are at?

If so, sounds good to me.


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