[Koha] OPAC Colors

Lawrence Bean lbean at u47.k12.me.us
Thu Nov 29 11:55:58 NZDT 2007

I believe I have found the color controls. They are in:

listed as follows:
        bleu : #3366CC;
        jaune-vert : CCFF00;
        vert : 99cc00
        jaune : ffff99
        orange : ffdd75
        gris clair : efefef
        bleu profond : 000066
        jaune vert 2 : d3dfad
        th : ccffcc
        violet : 993366

If you go to this website:
There's a color wheel halfway down where you can put in a hex code and see
the resulting color. I believe 
        violet : 993366
is the one you find objectionable. So, I think all you need to do is find
the hex number for the color you want instead and plug it in wherever you
find 993366.

Although I can do this for you, it would be good for you to learn how.

First, you need to connect to Koha via SSH (Secure SHell) so you can Get
and Put files. The easiest way to do this is with the program Fugu.
Download it from

You will need to be "inside" the central office firewall, either by being
at one of the schools or by VPN. When you start it up, connect to
koha.u47.k12.me.us ( with username "root" and enter the
password when prompted. Now you'll have two windows side-by-side, your
computer on the left and koha on the right. On the right, use the
pull-down menu to go to the root directory (/), then double-click to drill
down to 
On the left, get the directory to someplace convenient on your machine
(e.g. "Desktop")
Then just drag "opac.css" from right-to-left to get a copy of it. Before
you do anything else, make a copy of the original somewhere so if you
screw up you can always put the original back and start over!

Now, the next bit is VERY IMPORTANT.
Open TextEdit, go to Preferences, choose NewDocumnet->Format->"Plain
Text", then in OpenAndSave select:
"Delete the automatic backup file"
"Save Files as Read & Write"
"Overwrite read-only files"
"Ignore rich-text in HTML"
"Ignore rich-text in RTF"
DocumentType->"HTML 4.01 Strict"
Styling->"Embedded CSS"
Encoding->"Unicode UTF-8"
"Preserve White Space"

Once you have those prefs saved, you can File->Open "opac.css". It is ver
important you edit these files in TextEdit as they need to preserve their
unix characteristics. Opening and saving in any other word processor will
add a bunch of junk that will result in the file no longer working

The colors listed at the top are just comments (inside the /* ... */), so
changing something there will not do anything. However, if you know your
new color code you can simply use Edit->Find, put "993366" into Find, your
new color code into Replace, and click "Replace All".

Save your changes, then back at fugu drag from left to right to put the
new changes in place. As soon as the new file is written, you should be
able to refresh your browser and see your changes.

Good luck, and have fun decorating!

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