[Koha] Installation problems

Amanda Stevens redheadwalkingas at yahoo.ca
Sun Nov 25 06:13:01 NZDT 2007

I installed Koha on my Windows system a couple of days ago and I'm
having an interesting problem.  Every time I try to do anything in the
system (including navigate to another page), the system tells me I'm
not logged in and asks me to log in with my username and password. 
When I log in, the system appears to accept my information and it takes
me to the next screen, but then if I do anything else, I have to log in
again.  In looking at the documentation, it appeared that changing my
admin preference to "insecure" would solve this problem.  However, when
I edit this preference and save the changes, nothing is saved.  In
fact, any changes I make in system preferences are not being saved. 
Does anyone know what's going on?

Another less pressing issue is that my interface is very plain and has
none of the colours that are shown in snapshots included in the

Thanks for your help,

Amanda Stevens
Anchor Archive Regional Zine Project
Halifax, NS

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